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The Neuropsychological Evaluation: What to Expect!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

When individuals come for a neuropsychological evaluation, they are often unsure of what exactly to expect. In today's blog post, Dr. Ghilain will review the different components of the neuropsychological evaluation- from scheduling through feedback!

1. Initial Phone Consultation & Appointment Scheduling: Typically, a family member will call to request an appointment, either for themselves or for a loved one. At this time, one of the members of our team will ask about current concerns, explain the steps of the evaluation, and schedule the appointment. This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about the process.

2. Evaluation Day: Here at NPANJ, evaluations last from approximately 9:00 in the morning until 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. We like to leave ample time for rest breaks, brain breaks, and lunch! The day begins with an interview conducted by one of the doctors in the practice. This is a time to better understand what has been going on, current concerns, and why the individual is there for an evaluation. If the evaluation is for a child, this interview occurs with parents.

Following the interview, testing begins. These "learning activities" are pencil and paper or computerized tasks that assess the different ways the brain is working. For example, we assess memory, speed of processing, language abilities, attention- and the list goes on! Our evaluations are comprehensive- we gain a full picture of the individual's thinking, learning, and behavior.

Following testing, preliminary feedback is provided. We try our best to give families an understanding of any concerns that arose during testing, and ways they can immediately intervene!

3. Report & Feedback: Within 2 weeks, a comprehensive report is written and mailed to the family. This includes information gathered during the initial interview, the results of the testing, a summary and integration of the doctor's findings, and a list of recommendations. We welcome families back to the office for an in-person discussion of the results, or are happy to chat over the phone. We want to be sure the information makes sense, and that families feel well-equipped to navigate the recommendations provided.

Though the evaluation is typically a one-day process, our availability to answer questions, discuss recommendations, consult with schools, and provide support is never-ending. We are happy to hear when students or family members are thriving, and equally as motivated to assist if future challenges arise.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your loved one. We look forward to an ongoing partnership- here's to many successes ahead!

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