UPDATE! NPANJ will be open for evaluations starting in June! Safety remains our highest priority, and our procedures conform to the latest CDC safety guidelines. Check out our Blog page to read all about the specific plans in place, as well as what to expect during your visit. Call today to schedule your evaluation- slots for the summer are already booking up quickly!!

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Ghilain provide comprehensive assessments of known or suspected neurological, developmental and psychological disorders in individuals across the developmental lifespan- from infancy through geriatrics.

Dr. Morgan and Dr. Ghilain provide a wide range of services in forensic neuropsychology including neuropsychological evaluations and consultations, peer/case reviews, and independent disability examinations (IME).


Neuropsychology Associates of New Jersey (NPANJ), founded by Dr. Joel Morgan, specializes in life span clinical and forensic assessment. As board certified neuropsychologists, Dr. Ghilain and Dr. Morgan have achieved the highest standards of excellence in the profession. They engage in clinical and forensic testing, attorney consultation and collaboration, and expert testimony. 


Neuropsychology Associates of New Jersey (NPANJ), compiles information that results in an individualized, comprehensive neuropsychological assessment report that becomes the foundation from which an intervention plan can be initiated, if needed. Our goal is to provide both an understanding of an individual’s learning, behavior, and abilities, as well as the tools and strategies to help the person succeed.  


Neuropsychological testing is an assessment process that allow us to answer questions and provide recommendations about how a range of disorders affect thinking, behavior and emotions.

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We have consulted for and testified in hundreds of civil and criminal cases, providing expert opinion and testimony to the courts regarding the mental status of identified plaintiffs, defendants, and related individuals.

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 NPANJ Neuropsychologists and staff are eager to get to know you and your family. 

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Asked Questions

 We are dedicated to answering your questions every step of the way.

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Typically, the initial phone consultation requires approximately 5-10 minutes to review your specific needs, schedule the appointment, and answer any questions that arise. The evaluation is completed during regular business hours.  

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